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PureSleep: Your Effective Anti-Snoring Device

PureSleep: Your Effective Anti-Snoring Device

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Discover PureSleep, the leading anti-snoring device designed to provide you and your partner with quiet, restful nights. Developed by dental and medical experts, PureSleep is FDA-cleared and trusted by over a million users worldwide. Its innovative design tackles snoring at its source, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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  • Configure for Your Bite Type

    PureSleep's patented design allows the upper and lower components to be interconnected in different ways to accommodate typical bites, underbites and overbites. Start by connecting the two components using the setting that corresponds to your bite.

  • Make an Impression

    Heat in boiling water to soften the moldable interior polymer. Remove and wait a few seconds. Bite down to make an impression of your teeth, much like fitting an athletic mouthguard except you hold your jaw forward as you bite down.

  • See if it feels right.

    Remove it from your mouth and run under cold water. Put it back into your mouth. Do you feel it comfortably holding your jaw forward? If so, that's what it will do when you're sleeping, and that's what you want!

Fitting Your PureSleep (video)