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Join the PureSleepĀ® Dental and Medical Partner Program

PureSleep truly exceeded my expectations. I recommend this device even with difficult cases.

- Michael Macdonald, MD
San Francisco Snoring Center

Thank you for your interest in the PureSleep Dental and Medical Partner Program - a simple, cost effective way to add value to your practice and help your patients relieve their snoring.

We are extremely pleased to offer this new reseller discount program exclusively to licensed dentists and physicians. PureSleep is a market-leading mandibular repositioning device (MRD) and is manufactured in the United States from solely US-sourced materials.

To get started, please submit your dental or medical license information via the application process below. After we confirm your information, we will send you a complimentary sample kit and co ntact you via e-mail to set-up your account so you can begin placing orders. And if you'd like more information prior to providing us with this information, please go to