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  Custom molded for a better fit and maximum comfort
  Adjustable via 3 settings
  Used in clinical practice for over 15 years to treat snoring
       The first night he used PureSleep, he stopped snoring. If it weren't for PureSleep, we would be sleeping in separate beds.
Jackie and Mark
       The snoring has completely stopped.
Trista and Chris
       I actually enjoy sleeping with you now!
Julie and Darryl
       Now for me everything is great, because PureSleep is easy to use, it's comfortable. The 30-day money-back guarantee helped us understand that there was no risk for us. PureSleep worked for us the very first night.
Lori and Carl
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My family says my storing has stopped while using this product. AWESOME!!!
-Yalanda Greene

PureSleep saved my marriage! I didn't think I would ever sleep in the same bed with my husband again until we found PureSleep. I am forever grateful!!
-Bethany Wilson

I'm a true believer also after been using it for almost a week now, my snoring completely went away. Me and my wife both sleep better at night and waking up refresh in the morning. Thank you for this wonderful creation for people like us with snoring problem.
-Ferdz Salud

I'm a returning customer. It totally worked for me and my wife (she doesn't have to nudge me any more). And I feel much more refreshed in the morning, too.
-Dennis Nicolosi

It really has worked, I sleep much better, don’t keep waking myself up from snoring, and my snoring no longer wakes my wife up!! Both of us sleep better.
-Rich Fink

I was pleasantly surprised that this product worked first time. What a difference! Great easy to use sleep aid.
-Rick Mattingly

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