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How it Works

PureSleep is a self molded retainer that is FDA-cleared to reduce snoring by holding your lower jaw slightly forward of its normal position while you sleep.

Customized for Comfort. Ready in minutes.

The PureSleep device has an upper and a lower piece that you can join together in three settings, depending on your bite. After the pieces are connected, the device is boiled to soften the material so that you can mold it perfectly to your teeth in less than a minute. It's that easy!

FDA-Cleared & Made in the USA

PureSleep is FDA-Cleared and made in the USA of high quality safety-tested materials. Don't be fooled by other inferior products that cannot be customized or that are made of questionable plastic materials sourced overseas.

Dentist Recommended and Safe

Co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist, PureSleep has been used in clinical practice for over 15 and years to treat snoring.

Why You Snore

The soft tissue at the back of the throat relaxes during sleep partially blocking the airway. Air passing through causes vibration - and the unmistakable sound of snoring.

How PureSleep Works

The principle of PureSleep is simple: it moves your lower jaw forward, opening the airway enough so that air moves through unobstructed.

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"Now we go to sleep, he falls asleep, HE'S NOT SNORING. I fall asleep within 20 minutes. It's fantastic."
"I have been using the PureSleep anti-snoring device for a couple months now and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I JUST DON'T SNORE ANYMORE."
"I am sleeping through the night and so he is and WE'RE WAKING UP WITH MORE ENERGY ...he's not waking up in the middle of the night to say Shhhh!"
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